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The Parish Foundation


The present administrators of the parish foundation are:

  • Rev. Dr. Ciprian Petru Nedelcu
  • George Adrobotoaei 
  • Diana Bagrin
  • Vasile Butnaru
  • Mihai Costandache 

On 15 February 2011, our foundation”Saint Makarios The Great Ecclesiastical Trust” was registered with the Register of Charities with number 1140421. Three months later on 1 June 2011, HM Revenue & Customs recognized our status of fiscal foundation so that it can use the fiscal facilities with this status makes possible(for exampleGift Aid).

For the establishment of the parishfoundation a small number of the members of the community had to accept voluntarily the responsibilities incurring the statusof administrator of the foundation. The founding members were: Fr Constantin Popescu, Anca Andreopoulos, Dana Ghiorghiu, Bogdan Prunaiche și Annemarie Visoianu-Kanatas.
The main objective of the foundationwas the purchase of a place of worship, and to reach this foremost objective of our community, thefoundationwas the juridical entity through which we could buy the property in Farnley.

Beyond its strictly juridical participation in the acquisition, the foundationis also a fundraising entitity that makes possible, after the purchase of the property, its administration:paying utilities, insurance, maintenance, revamping or furnishing work. For this purpose, we have opened an account atthe Barclays Bank (Sort code: 20-48-42  Cont: 50302546) to which any amount of money can be donated for the financing of our projects.

A special mention for those who wish to support financially our projects and who receive incometaxable in the United Kingdom: through the recognition of our foundation status, HM Revenue & Customs gives us the possibility of supplementing by 25% the sums donated by the above-mentioned persons with no additional costs to the donors.To understand this fiscal mechanism calledGift Aidand to find out how you can become a Gift Aid donor, please click on the link: Gift Aid – Instructions. The Gift Aid declaration is available at: Gift Aid – Declaration.