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Risk Assessment


1. Visits inside the church will be by appointment made before the visiting day.

2. In the visiting period there will be able to enter church either as an individual or as a household group for no more than 100 people. “Household group” means strictly only those living in the same house, not your wider family living elsewhere.

3. Up on arrival at church, please wait outside the church and if there is a queue, at 2 metres apart. The priest/steward will invite you in.

4. You must be wearing either a mask or a suitable face covering while you are waiting to come into church and at all times in church.

5. Upon entering church, sanitise your hands with the gel provided and enter the main body of the church when invited to do so.

6. DON’TS!
(i) DO NOT approach anyone in the church apart from members of your own household group within 2 metres.

(ii) DO NOT kiss icons or any other holy object.

(iii) DO NOT touch books in the bookstall, the library or service books. If you need prayer books, please bring your own.

(iv) DO NOT let any children present play with toys/books that you may find in church. Please keep your children by your side at all times.

(v) DO NOT touch any item of church furniture including door handles. The priest/steward will open and close doors for you.

(vi) DO NOT discard anything in church bins or leave anything behind you in church.

(vii) DO NOT touch your face at any time. Although you will have sanitised your hands before entering the main body of the church, and notwithstanding our best efforts to keep church clean, we cannot guarantee that, after opening church, all surfaces will be virus free.

(xiii) DO NOT shed any virus you may have (unknowingly of course). For example, if you absolutely have to cough (or even sneeze) you must use your own tissues and, afterwards, remove any contaminated mask and seal this with the tissues in a bag (brought by yourself) and take it home with you. Finally re-sanitise your hands without touching anything (you will need help of course to operate the sanitiser) and then fit a new mask.

(ix) DO NOT PARK: on neighbouring private parking lots, in front of gates or on green spaces. Please park cars on only one side of the street to avoid blocking the traffic

(x) We MUST not disturb local residents. Everyone is encouraged to respect our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum when arriving and leaving.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Parish Priest
Rev. Petru Ciprian Nedelcu

May 15, 2021 | Latest News | Comments Off on Risk Assessment

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