Parish History

This part of our website is dedicated to the history of the parish of "Saint Makarios the Great" with fond reminiscences and key events summarized, like the patronal festivals for the years - 2008, 2009 and 2010. Some of these pages were hosted in the weekly Bulletin of the Metropolis "Foaia Sfantul Ioan Casian" (FSIC) – Apostolia, after April 2008. References to these documents are in the Metropolis journal page (the journal is available only in Romanian).

It was God's willing that all our Holy Altar servants were elected from the members of our community. Thus, Father Constantin, leader of our choir and member of the Parish Council, was ordained deacon and then priest during the first night of the Holy Resurrection in 2005 (see Parish Priest). Father Deacon Ciprian Mihail, a member of our community was more recently ordained subdeacon in January 2010 and then ordained a deacon by Metropolitan Iosif on the 28th of February, 2010 in St. George’s Church in London. The event was recorded in the journal Apostolia, No 25, April 2010. Images from some of these events are available in the parish album (Picasa album).

The oldest images capture the beginning of the Orthodox community in Mirfield: The first Divine Liturgies, Baptisms and Commemorations. The inaugural service for our parish (11th-12th, December, reflected in FSIC 195 issue) was officiated by His Eminence Metropolitan Iosif, together with a most welcome representative group of Orthodox priests from other jurisdictions in England and Wales.

Our first patronal festival was celebrated on January 19th 2005 and invited to officiate was His Holiness Father Vasile Somesanul, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Vad, Cluj and Feleac (see also FSIC 200 issue). The first Easter Feast (30th April – 1st May) was served by Father Dumitru Catarig, whilst at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Craiova our present incumbent Father Constantin Popescu was being ordained to the priesthood, (images and text published in FSIC 216 ).

One can see through our pictures the increasing diversification and strengthening of our parish - Holy Liturgy (2005, 2009) Christmas (2006, 2009), Easter (2006, 2009), Patronal Festivals (2006 - see FSIC 225 and 2008, 2010) to the most recent pictures of our church in Farnley, Leeds. May the Lord find us worthy and through his grace allow us to use our present church as our permanent home and hallow it as a house of prayer and worship. Other pictures with our parish can be found here.